Anthracite Grey is here to stay and it is not just for window frames

Everywhere you look nowadays using grey as a colour is ending up being a growing number of apparent. There is an excellent factor for this too, similar to the classics of black and white the colour grey matches numerous other colours. A neutral colour that can be applied to a lot of varying elements of life whether it be style, interiors, developing materials and even window frames.

There has been a large surge over the last few years of making use of Anthracite Grey window frames and doors being used in homes, not simply in brand-new builds but also as a choice for more traditional homes when upgrades and enhancements have actually been made.

Anthracite is a kind of coal utilised to produce energy and has a dark grey/near black milky appearance. The colour Anthracite Grey is motivated by this and is a chic, contemporary colour that has a softer contrast when paired with the other colours, unlike the harsher contrasts that black and white creates.

Why is Anthracite Grey so flexible?
Being motivated by a natural colour Anthracite Grey is the perfect shade of grey to complement natural structure materials and looks great in different outside environments. From rugged farmland in the countryside to metropolitan landscapes in the city. The colour is so adaptable to the range of environments that when it’s paired alongside the versatile range of building products completion outcome is striking no matter how conventional or contemporary the property is.

Paired with reclaimed stone, Anthracite Grey improves and draws out the natural colours of the building materials. The contrast between the natural materials, the organic uneven textures of the stone surface areas and the contrast of the greens and earthy tones around the house develop an appearance that is reflective of the environment the property sits within. In contrast, Anthracite Grey window frames used on a modern urban develop develops a striking contrast that reflects the environment and making use of more modern structure products.

Whatever the style of property Anthracite Grey is not just for window frames. When used in interiors is creates a calm, relaxed environment that works well with a lot of other colours and materials. Wood looks great with Anthracite Grey as the soft smooth surface area reflect the softer tones of the colour, when used in a kitchen area the mix of grey with stainless-steel creates a vibrant contemporary look that will integrate well with both natural materials or more modern-day components such as a glass or vibrant colours.

By combining Anthracite Grey on the exterior of your residential or commercial property and bringing the colour through to the interiors you can create a stylish cohesive look that reflects the period and style your home matches. So no matter how huge or little your house Anthracite Grey is absolutely a timeless that is here to stay.

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