How To Look After Your New Windows Now The Weather Is Changing

We’re all anticipating feeling a little warmer, after what has seemed like the longest winter. With the monster from the east, the massive temperature drops and now, the consistent downpour of rain, we can’t consider a much better time for some sunlight.

Whilst we’re not quite sure at this point when the summertime will come, it’s important to be gotten ready for the eventual modification in temperature with the season change. Now’s the time to begin considering how to take care of your new windows, increasing their life span and ensuring they look their finest!

Keep them dust totally free
As summer brings the drier weather, dust build-up has a tendency to increase. Dust accumulation with time can disrupt performance, so ensure that you clean them routinely. It’s as important to take care of your window frames, as it is to look after your glass. Opt for moderate meal soap, water and a moist fabric.

Clean both exterior and interior
We can’t consider a much better time to do it! Take in the sun whilst cleaning up both the interior and exterior of your new windows. It’s frequently simple to disregard the outside, as it can be a little more difficult to exercise the logistics of reaching these parts of your windows– however, it’s important to care for them in order to increase the longevity of your beautiful brand-new windows (particularly as the sun will soon expose whether they’ve be cleaned or not!).

Dry the surface areas, don’t just depend on the sun
Yes, it might be appealing to leave windows to dry in the sun, nevertheless take into account the areas that the sun might not reach– and just think about the smears on the glass! Ensure you remove all cleaner from the surfaces, and dry off any wetness.

Take care of joints and hinges
If you use an air-conditioning system, you’re most likely to keep doors and windows closed throughout the day for the A/C to be more effective. To guarantee regular use of joints and hinges, allow throughout the cooler parts of the days to open windows– take pleasure in the advantages of letting some air into your home at the same time. This is a good time to check that all is operating well, and any locks are working and windows are closing correctly.

The age-old stating ‘avoidance is much better than cure’ most certainly applies when taking care of windows and doors. You’ve invested your difficult earned money on making your homes stunning, safe and cost-effective– we can’t think of a much better factor than that to wish to guarantee it lasts!

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