To paint or to paper? That is the question

You’ve made the decision that you are going to embellish and now what? Do you get your paintbrush at the ready or discover the wallpaper paste?

While there is no conclusive answer to the concern as both have great deals of benefits and drawbacks, both can provide fantastic results if completed with care and good preparation. The answer really is an individual one and must be made on your personal requirements and taste.

Here supply a couple of thought-provoking ideas to assist you consider how to go ahead with your decision to decorate.

Whether you have actually just had a brand new extension, conservatory or new doors and windows fitted your decision to decorate is a good one. All of us take advantage of a change in our environments no matter how huge or little the job you handle. Having a living space that is welcoming, relaxing and reflects personal taste benefits state of mind and wellness.

So where do you begin?

Well, first of all you may have strong concepts about paint versus paper. You might know instantly that taking on the job of wallpapering is far too large a job for you or that you don’t have the equipment quickly to hand, but on the other hand, you may have the best roll of paper in mind and understand instantly the look you need for your room.

Whichever route you choose to take it is all about planning and preparing.


Consider the space to be embellished … is it a living room, dining area, playroom or restroom? Is the area small or large?

Thinking about the space might offer the answers to the paint or paper question as paint and paper can both change the characteristics of a room in really various methods. A large area can feel even airier and open if coupled with walls painted in light colours.

While a large room can likewise be made to feel more cosy by including darker shades of paint or an elaborately printed wallpaper in darker tones. A small area can be opened up by using light tones of paint or a light reflective style on a wallpaper. Remember backgrounding all four walls of a little space will close the area down making it feel even smaller sized so depending on the size of the room a mix of paper and paint might be the very best option.

Paint is generally more affordable than paper however paper lasts longer so the expense really evens out gradually. With a lot of options when it pertains to painting surfaces and paint residential or commercial properties it truly is essential to think about the area being decorated. Paint is an excellent option in a restroom, kitchen area or kids’s playroom as many paints designed for children’s spaces are wipeable, as are bathroom and kitchen paints. Bathroom and kitchen paints are likewise comprised of components designed to stand up to mould and mildew build up as well as being durable to staining.


For the very best outcomes no matter what you choose excellent preparation of the space is crucial for the very best end results.

Empty the space and take down any window dressings. This will permit the area to be seen bare and offer you a genuine impression of the size and shape of the space. Remove any old wallpaper or wash down the walls with sugar soap to get rid of dirt, grease and grime. Next produce a smooth surface area all round by filling in any scuffs or holes left over from image frames or shelves. Use a product designed for the specific task and constantly follow the standards.

If you have any reservations still about the colour or paper you have actually picked put some test samples on the wall and cover an area a minimum of the size of an A3 piece of paper. Look at the location in different lights and location other items such as a favourite cushion, plant or light close by. This will help you to visualise the room in a more settled method.

Remember there are many choices of paper out there and with a series of prices to match. From Luxury high-end designer rolls to documents with sophisticated ornate patterns, then vibrant modern prints, illusion papers that respond with various lighting, textured papers that add depth and also designs that appearance sufficient to consume! Discovering a paper that is right for your space is bound to be a fun experience.

The world of paint is also just as exciting as the world of documents, with many paint surfaces, colour mixes and paint strategies it will be tough selecting your favourite. Most current patterns such as ombre walls and metal surfaces truly could develop a striking environment to be delighted in.

Once you are sure, get stuck in and enjoy the experience of creating your new look space.

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